About Silberpixel

This private blog’s title, Silberpixel, combines silver (as in silver halide) and pixels: it’s about analog as well as digital photography and showcases my recreational photographic works in the fields of, mostly, landscape and macro in the format of ca. one photo per 2–3 days on average.

On the analog side, I like to use historic cameras and lenses, dating back to ca. 1890, I’m especially fond of large format from 4x5in up, and I usually develop my b&w films at home.

Additional text is mostly on photographic/technical subjects, with the occasional rambling into other topics.

Feeling safely at home in the German language, I exclusively write in German but am happy to answer your questions in English.

Feel free to use my photographs in strictly non-commercial contexts, and make sure to add a link to Silberpixel.

Other recreational activities of mine include crafts such as letterpress and intaglio printing. Also take a look at my daily dose of digital snapshotery over at Pixeleien.

This personal, non-commercial blog is hosted at wordpress.com, and it’s maintained by

Christian Wöhrl
Birkenweg 7
22955 Hoisdorf

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